Anonymous said:
so sad just us is flopping, no one cares anymore, fans have gotten used to them being individual artists :-(


yea i heard that the sales were around 14k? but the pre orders were around 120k so it’s just cjes fucking things up again by not having enough copies available (same thing happened for jaej’s mini) or just hanteo or w/e who released early numbers without really THINKING
but they did get an all kill. and that promo… they spent a LOT on promo in the streets etc so we’ll have to wait for a few days for legit numbers that i’m sure will be huge (or at least, i hope so)

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put you on my backseat

Anonymous said:
if hes singing maze would u kiss his armpit

anyday anytime

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Anonymous said:
jaejoong hate is only okay when we do it obviously

well DUH

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Anonymous said:
youd like to kiss the armpit if its jaejoongs

hell to the no

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Anonymous said:
The fandom always has a hard on about hating Jaejoong and it's just so wierd. If any thing Jaejoong is promoting Yuhno's drama and not his album.

Yep, Jaejoong AND Yunho get the most hate because they symbolize the whole ot5 side and they both did/said some stupid shit but this time I just can’t see why any of them is getting hate.

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